A performance opportunity for young people aged 11-18 with additional needs

Wyvern Theatre School are offering young people between the age of 11-18 with additional needs the chance to work on a play with a Director, Composer and Producer. The play will be performed at The Ashcroft Arts Centre and NST City campus in Spring 2020. 

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Alternatively email wyverntheatreschool@gmail.com


  • To create, refine and perform material to a live audience in the local community. 

  • To explore the impact of Performance groups upon confidence, social development, engagement and achievement in the classroom 

  • To promote performance as a tool for supporting education and social skills for young people with additional needs. 

  • To create a sense of community and belonging

  • To offer opportunities for Performance to those who would normally not feel confident enough to participate. 

  • To gain a measurable outcome that can be used to further develop the group and apply for more funding. 


To develop social skills such as


  • Focus

  • Empathy 

  • Action and consequence

  • Patience

  • Commitment

  • Receive feedback and respond appropriately 

  • Work as a team

  • Find ways to make improvements

  • Adapt and change work


To develop performance skills such as


  • Volume

  • Pace

  • Control

  • Timing

  • Pause

  • Characterisation

  • Facial Expression

  • Learning lines

  • Physical skills and gait

  • Offer feedback to others

  • Sustain a character


To support improvement within the classroom

  • Improve auditory memory 

  • Improve working memory

  • To achieve individual targets with their engagement in their education setting

  • To achieve individual targets within their education setting

  • To understand and develop citizenship and British Values


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