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Wellstead Primary School

Arts and Crafts
Wednesday 3.30 pm- 4.30 pm

Come and join us for a fun session every Wednesday where we use a range of different materials. 


Not only is the mess good fun, arts and crafts helps children learn to use imagination, problem solve and learn that those 'oops' moments really can turn into a wonderful creations. 

In these sessions, we see children look at everything completely individually and explore use their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to develop their own individual pieces of creativity.  

Sign up through the shop. Pay in full or in two parts. Unless we hear from you we will assume that your child is attending for the whole term

Wellstead Primary School

Wiz Wham Alakazam

Drama and Signing
Thursday 3.30 pm- 4.30 pm

Be a part of our Christmas show Wiz Wham Alakazam.

Step inside Sun Castle, a busy, bustling, magical place, where wizards of every race, creed, colour and temperament live and work happily together. Well, for the most part. But when the sun suddenly goes out, and the Ice Creatures begin to surface, they realise that they are facing a challenge of life-changing proportions.

Can they put aside their differences and work together? Will they recognise that everybody has an important part to play? Are they prepared to listen to the right people, or merely to those with the loudest voices?

The cast will perform at Christmas time for family and friends. 

Sign up through the shop. Pay in full or in two parts.